Radical Friend

Radical Friend is a directing duo consisting of L.A. based filmmakers and artists Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian. The duo’s breakthrough collaboration came when they directed Yeasayer’s psychedelic 'Ampling Alp' music video, and complemented it with a 360° video experiment that allowed viewers to explore some the music video’s selected scenes.

The duo goes beyond the canvas of linear storytelling. Through their cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary projects, they explore the boundaries of creativity and medium, find new ways to communicate with their audience and bridged the worlds of contemporary arts, science and technology. Inspired by the fact that our society will perpetuate along with technology in the digital age, their metaphorical interactive experiment ‘The Digital Flesh’, which launched The Creators Project, created a composite ‘supreme being’ by ritually collecting the 3D facial scans from people present all over the world at launch parties. Their art installations and interactive experiences have been featured in Shots, Wired, V Magazine, Dazed, Sundance Channel, Little Black Book and Rollingstone Magazine. New York Magazine named them one of the '14 Directors to watch in the YouTube Age', and Filmmaker Magazine profiled them as one of the '25 New Faces in Film'.

Recently, the duo burst into the advertising world with a beautiful futuristic spot for the Adidas AdiZero line followed by apocalyptic teaser for Honda’s latest R-type performance car featuring demon-eyed wolves, samurai bikers and super humans.